Company Profile

Yaesu Hirose Building, 4-18, 1-Chome, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8287, Japan
Tel +81-3-3271-3851
Web site
Established March, 1905
Capital JPY100,000,000
Net Sales JPY21,276M (April 2015 ~ March 2016)
Net Profit JPY458M (April 2015 ~ March 2016)
Employee 138 as of March 2016
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Sales Office
Incorporation General Trading Company
(Specialized mainly in Textile for multi porpose use)
Officers Taro Hirose (Chirman)
Keitaro Hirose (President)
Kazuo Toi (Executive Director)
Danichiro Usui (Managing Director)
Ryota Tateishi (Director)
Masatoshi Yano (Auditor)

Company History

1905 Hirose Shokai was established by TAJIRO HIROSE (Founder)
1913 Built garment sewing factory in Tokyo
1936 TAJIRO HIROSE JUNIOR (2nd generation) was installed as president
1951 Established Hirose Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
1956 Opened sales office in OSAKA
1960 Opened sales office in NAGOYA
1962 Set up Chemical Product Sales Division. (Started sales of chemicals for laundry)
1964 Opened sales office in FUKUOKA
1966 Started sales of Track goods for National/Private railway
1971 Established Hirose Sangyo Co.,Ltd in Akita Prefecture (Garment factory)
1972 Opened sales office in SAPPORO
1979 TARO HIROSE (3rd generation) became president
1981 Opened sales office in SENDAI
1991 Opened Distribution Center in Noda city, Chiba Prefecture
1999 Started leasing system of Surgical Gown for
operation room at Hospital
2000 Started sales of Preserved meals and Disaster prevention goods
2001 Started sales of commercial garbage disposal machines
2002 Became sole distributor of Sailstar Machinery (Laundry machines)
2003 KEITARO HIROSE (4th generation) inaugurated as president
2005 100th Years Anniversary
2009 Made sole disributor agreement with ILSA S.P.A. (Dry cleaning machine)
2011 Established Star Hirose Shanghai Co.,Ltd. in China
2013 Started sales of Ecolab products (Laundry chemicals and automatic dispencing system)
2014 Established Commercial laundry business in Vietnam (Linen Supply Services Co.,Ltd.)
2015 110th Years Anniversary
2016 Became distributor of JENSEN Group (laundry machines, equipments)











Sales Division

Special sales headquater
Customers Government offices, Ministry of Defence, Fire department, Police office, Post offices, Airlines, Railways, Department stores, Telecommunications industry
Sales items Mail bag, Back Pack, Tent, Track goods, Headrest cover, Hand towel, Preserved meals and Disastar prevention goods & etc.
General sales headquater
Customer Apparel (Fashion, Sports, Outdoor)
Sales items All kind of fabric, Accessories, Garment, Equipment of outdoor
Linen Headquater
Customer Commercial Laundry, Hotel, Lodge, Inn, Restaurant, Golf course, sports and medical facilities.
Sales items
  • Terry product (Bath towel, Face towel, Hand Towel, Bath mat, Bath robe)
  • Bed Linens (Bed sheet, Duvet cover, Pillow case)
  • Yukata, Slipper, Table cloth, Napkin, Chef coat, Factory & Office uniform
  • Surgical Gown & Drape, White coat
Commercial Machinery Headquater
Customer Commercial Laundry, Home laundry
Sales items
  • Tunnnel washing machine, Batch washing machine, Dryer, Ironing machine, Folding machine,
  • Packing machine, Dry cleaning machine
  • Factory management system, Energy saving machine
  • All kind of chemicals for laundry


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